Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: Sandy Lockett

Date Sat 14th February

It was an amazing turn out for the Settle World Wide Wheelers chaingang with well, three people! J. Crossland, D. Marshall and S Lockett rolled up at noon for a blast around the Bolton by Bowland loop. After setting off at a decent speed we over took a solo rider just before Rathmell and stuck together pretty well taking 30second stints at the front.

As we approached Wigglesworth the rider we had left for dust caught us up and for a short while we had a four man chain-gang! After the climb out of Wigglesworth we lost our Olympic pursuit structure as J.C. started chatting with our 4th rider and Marshall and Lockett obliviously powered on leaving Crossland behind.

Crossland picked up the dynamic duo at Bolton By Bowland and all 3 took it steady on the climb giving Marshall the opportunity to show off his flashy new Heart Rate Monitor. After a couple of minutes the pace quickened rapidly as we tried to take Marshalls monitor past the training zone and into the this-is-getting-quite-hard-I-had-better-stop-talking zone.

The ride had quite a finish with probably the longest time difference ever recorded for a 3 man sprint with Lockett coming first, followed by Marshall with a furiously bleeping HRM and Crossland spinning in to pick up his third.

Most impressive ride of the daythe mysterious 4th who caught up the chaingang
Biggest sucker of the dayLockett for winning the sprint and being deprived of his wine
Surprise of the daythe unsatisfactory turnout
Fattest rider of the dayId better leave this blank!