Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: R Bagot

Date 7th Feb

Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report.

Sat 7th Feb

4 riders turned out on a coldish day. They were R Bagot, S Lockett, J Murfin and a getting fitter by the week J Crossland. Despite some attempts at cohesion, Bagot's impatience and the tough terrain made for a disjointed ride out to the turn. The pace was not electrifying but nevertheless all riders had a good sweat on by the time we started to climb back up!

Over the top the riders came back together and Bagot decided to shake it up on the way into Wigglesworth. The 3 came back to him over the top of the first rise after the left turn but then succumbed to the classic immediate counter by Bagot. He stamped on the pedals and re-opened the gap. Crossland despite his good legs was beaten and that left a dogged Murfin and a fresh (for change) Lockett to chase.

Through Rathmell the 300 meter was still there as Bagot struggled into the tough head wind. Murfin powered on behind and left a tired Lockett behind to chase alone. Although he was gaining as Bagot's lack of flat speed started to show Murfin never got to within 250 metres and Bagot took a knackered solo Victory.

1stR Bagot (1 bottle of red)
2ndJ Murfin
3rdS Lockett
4thJ Crossland
Most impressive ride of the dayJ Murfin (A very good chase)
Biggest sucker of the day None
Surprise of the dayOnly 4 riders turned up, come on everyone the seasons marching on!
Fattest rider of the dayStill Bagot but only just as Murfin has been stuffing himself recently on his skiing holiday!