Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: Rob Bagot

Date Sat 24th Jan

6 riders again for Saturday's ride to glory. T Canaway, S Lockett, M Beer, G Whitaker, R Bagot and D Marshall battled out on the road in fine weather. The tempo out to Bolton by Bowland was excellent with all riders contributing well and achieving a good consistent chain gang right from the off. S Lockett was looking strong again after a couple of weeks off the 'Big Gear' training! Marshall continues his run of early season form and Whitaker as usual looked supremely strong, calmly powering over his big gear with consummate ease!

Up the hill the pace was stead and it really only opened up coming into Wigglesworth with a tester from Bagot. Whitaker came up to him and the pace slowed with nobody wanting to show their hand. Onto the flats and Whitaker put in a powerful dig and it took some strong riding from Lockett to pull him back. Cunning Canaway played the mind games with Bagot, allowing a gap to open and forcing Bagot to sprint by to get on Locketts wheel.

Into the finish Canawy's rouse had worked as Whitaker led out the sprint and Bagot thought he had it sewn up before a much faster finishing Canaway came by with 200 to go and took it easily! Bagot was left thinking that he will have to watch out for Canaway's trickery in the future. A good finish from Whitaker saw him overtake a disgruntled Bagot for second after a very strong last 2 miles!

1stT Canaway(1 bottle of red)
2ndG Whitaker
3rdR Bagot
Most impressive ride of the dayG Whitaker
Biggest sucker of the dayR Bagot
Surprise of the dayLockett catching G Whitaker on Rathmell botto
Fattest rider of the dayStill Bagot but slimming down!