Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: Rob Bagot

Date Sat 17th Jan 2009

6 riders turned under grey skies with the prospect of rain. They were R Bagot, D Marshall, J Murfin, S Lockett, M Beer and J Crossland. The six started well along Rathmell bottoms but split to pieces on the climb leading up to Wigglesworth. Despite Bagot's insistence on riding together until the turn at Bolton, the group failed to find any rhythm and demonstrated how difficult it is to ride as a cohesive group.

Marshall in typical style constantly spurted forward, taking advantage of hid early season form and guaranteeing himself a tough time come March! Leading in Bolton by Bowland the disorganised bunch had become two groups of 3 and a lesson in riding together was needed before taking on the climb!

After regrouping at the top the 6 rode down towards Rathmell together with Murfin making a half hearted attempt to go clear. The bunch soon reeled him in and it was an uneventful ride to the finish with the Murfin, Lockett, Marshall and Beer giving Bagot an armchair ride to the finish and an easy sprint victory!

NB Chain gangs are not supposed to be a free for all with every man going as hard as possible! The aim is to ride as an organised group as far as Botlon by Bowland, that means as fast as the slowest rider can handle! That means small ring and very steady n the climbs up to Wigglesworth! Once at the top, stronger riders can do more time on the front and the slower riders can stay in the wheel to even out the effort! Faster riders have ample time to burn up their energy on the climb after the turn and along to the finish!

The aim is for everyone to get a good workout that involves some faster riding. As the weeks go by everyone will get stronger and the pace will get quicker and quicker and hopefully more consistent. By March we should be aiming to chain gang the whole way with a regrouping at the top of the climb!

Future Saturdays will be more controlled as far as Bolton by Bowland at a pace designed to keep the group fully together!

1st R Bagot (1 bottle of red)
2nd J Murfin
3rd S Lockett
4th not recorded
Most impressive ride of the day John Crossland for his dogged determination
Biggest sucker of the day all those who led Bagot to the finish
Surprise of the day that it turned out sunny and nice!
Fattest rider of the day R Bagot again