Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: Dean Marshall

Date Saturday 10th January 2009

This was the 2nd chain gang ride, very cool conditions with an icy wind! Dean Marshall, Gareth Whitaker and Ali Canaway braved the elements to set off out on the ride. Dean explained to the two rookies the plan of action and routine following on from Robís guidance last week! The riders rode out steady to Rathmell, with Dean leading the pack with his notorious fluent pedalling style (or poncy as Stuart used to say)! Gareth then took several turns at the front winding a big gear, looking so relaxed and easy (for a ginner)! Big smiler Ali took high cadence charges at the front, like Big Brother and dropped Dean off the back on two occasions. A steady pace kept the group flowing through Bolton by Bowland village then up the hill and back through to Wigglesworth. At Rathmell Dean got on the front and made a pact with the boys to all finish together and share the wine!! However, the wind bag had a secret plan under his helmet and charged to the line, but to no avail, he was beaten at the last hurdle by Gareth Whitaker, swiftly followed by Ali Canaway, Deans plan had failed! He does continue to be the highest, oldest attendee of the chain gang to date, but alas still the last!!

Time taken was an impressive 1 hour 10 minutes

1stG Whitaker(1 bottle of red)
2ndA Canaway
3rdD Marshall
Most impressive ride of the dayBest Smiler of the day Ali Canaway
Biggest sucker of the dayBiggest Cheat of the day Dean Marshall
Surprise of the day
Fattest rider of the dayBiggest Bum on the day Gareth Whitaker winning the sprint