Settle WWW Saturday Winter Chain Gang Report

Author: Rob Bagot

Date Sat 3rd Jan 2009

4 riders attended the inaugural Settle WWW Saturday chain gang to Bolton by Bowland, Bob Fairweather, Rob Bagot, Dean Marshall and Tom Canaway. The day was cold but the pace was hot(tish)! Out to Rathmell, Fairweather got to the front and couldn't resist pressing hard making Bagot start to sweat earlier than planned! From Rathmell all 4 riders worked well doing 30 second turns and a good even pace was established. There were some powerful turns on the ups from Canaway and some good driving from Fairweather on the downs! Marshall was showing great early season form, (obviously he'd been secret training while the rest of us had been eating lots of Turkey!) and put in some impressive turns, showing an easy pedalling style, rarely displayed before! Bagot despite his 13 stone 2 held on doggedly!

At Bolton by Bowland the pace eased before Canaway and Fairweather tested their legs on the climb. Behind them, club wind bags Bagot and Marshall took their chance for a breather and a chat!

The riders regrouped over the top before heading towards the finish. Bagot in his powerful style opened up the action with a dig up the hill into Rathmell. It was just a tester and was quickly countered with a great move from Marshall! His superb timing opened the gap and he sped away while the other riders looked at each other.

Onto Rathmell bottoms and it looked as if Marshall might make the finish and scoop the first prize of a bottle of red (donated by! Suddenly Fairweather, unable to let victory (and the wine) drift away moved to the front to make the chase! Canaway and Bagot cunningly sat in the wheel and received a free ride up to Marshall's back wheel!

In to the finish and Canaway opened the sprint, Bagot reacted immediately and surged forward, Marshall and a frustrated Fairweather were out of it. Up to the line and Bagot made a last ditch lunge but was just pipped by a fresher Canaway!

1stT Canaway(1 bottle of red)
2ndR Bagot
3rdB Fairweather
4thD Marshall
Most impressive ride of the dayDean Marshall
Biggest sucker of the dayBob Fairweather
Surprise of the dayTom Canawaywinning the sprint
Fattest rider of the dayR Bagot