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Personal Tales

Jill’s Inner Chimp...after the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 2012

Here is a brief report on my 1st but certainly not last 3 peaks cyclo x race..

3 very new experiences for me to enjoy on the way up each peak.

Ingleborough - Pulling my self with bike (14kg unloaded..) on shoulder up Simon Fell clinging onto fence to avoid sliding back down whilst enjoying a frequent tap on my helmet from the riders wheel in front.. the term skids on my lid now has a whole new meaning, sorry..

Whernside - With bike at the right angle on my back gusts pushed me up the steep ascent - felt a bit like a metal kite?! strange one that’s for sure...

Penygent - Rain and winds offered the best free facial to date with visibility down to a couple of feet...trying to avoid any of the remaining racers who were crazy enough to try and ride this section of footpath..

I really can't thank club members, friends and families enough for their support on the day. Couldn’t help taking my hands off the bars to wave at you all and thinking at any moment I was going to suffer a boggy face plant, felt like Mr Wiggins in places the screams of encouragement were amazing...well done for being out there in that weather, at least I could keep warm (apart from flat coming off Whernside). Another reason to do a local race if you’re thinking about it, Jan? Oz? Al? Also amazing cash prizes even for being 22nd lady...John scooped 33rd male, 11th vet and 3rd team. Well done also to Sharon 15th lady and 4th V40 , Richard, Steve and Graham for all getting round without any injuries or major technicalities with smiley faces..

Mick how the hell did you not manage not to trip up chasing up and down with your big lens out?!...great photos and thanks again for braving the gusts on the 1st peak

On the last climb from Horton having enjoyed some of Tom’s jelly babies I did have to give my chimp a good talking too, he was discussing the possibility of faking another flat so we didn’t have to follow all the other numpties to the top and we could cut to the chase and get back to the Bridge for a pint... Anyway I sorted him out after a few hard words he realised DNF is not in my job description so we cracked on upwards. It really proved to be great both mentally as well as physically rewarding race given the worse conditions since 1981. Can’t wait to get used to my bike for next year and put some new brake discs on before hand to avoid having to run the best bits of downhill at the the metal ouch..

Check out some more quality pictures on and interesting comments from the winning lady Vic Wilkinson had to say about never racing it again in those conditions...the wimp us Harriers will all be back for certain its up there in my list of top 5 races ever..

Cycletouring at Leisure

In June 2012, David took a week off from timekeeping the club 10s to enjoy a leisurely cycle tour in Brittany with his wife Hilary.

A direct train between Leeds and Plymouth enabled us to get there via the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry.

A good time indeed, but it can rain in France as well as Settle.