Entry for Settle Wheelers Time Trial on 24th April 2019

Although we can accept a few entries on the line if the field is not full, it helps smooth running of the event when riders register here.
There is more information here.
It is rather difficult to accept entries on the line from non-members who have never ridden our club 10s previously.

Contact ’phone number:
Contact e-mail address:

Club: Settle Wheelers
  Other - please specify:
  not a member of a cycling club

Age if under 18:

Please indicate if you have never ridden one of the Settle Wheelers time trials before:

Please read the declaration that is at the head of the signing on sheet, the information displayed at the start, and the risk analysis.

Is there anything else that we need to know?           E.G. if you wish to cancel or modify a previous entry.


This registration is not really a formal entry, and there is no shame in failing to start. It just allows us to have the correct contact information on our signing-on sheet, and speeds up the sign on at the start of the event.
Note: Non-members of Settle Wheelers must pay the £2 CTT levy. Riders who not members of any CTT affiliated club must pay an extra £1 for one-day membership of Settle Wheelers.

N.B. If you should get a message saying “Invalid submission” or “Invalid postcode”, please check that you have given a sensible postcode. If it is still nogo, please e-mail ecldh@leeds.ac.uk, or phone 822903.