Settle Wheelers Time Trials 2021

Bolton-by-Bowland 10.3 mile time trial course (L112)

With fingers crossed, we are hoping to run the following events:
Start at 7.30pm

Every other Wednesday evenings (confirmed dates):
            28th April,   12th May,   26th May,   9th June,   23rd June,   7th July,   21stJuly,   4thAugust,      18thAugust  

An event will only be run if we get at least 5 intending riders. (Tandem counts as 1.)
Only 3 people registered for the event on 26th May.
and only 1 for the event on 23rd June.
The 7th July event clashed with Euro2020 semi final, England v Denmark.
The events of 21stJuly amd 4thAugust, each only attractted 3 riders.

                        Please click here for information about entry for these events.
To register a request to ride in the next event, please click here.               To see the positions in the most recent event click here.


To see previous years’ results click: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.
There is a table of personal bests over all the Settle Wheelers evening 10s since they started in 2004.

28 April12 May09 June18 AugustSeason’s
Harvey Stroh24-5224-5224.85
Mark Stickland29-5527-5627-2928-0827-2922.4827-5622.30
A-H Tandem29-0628-3628-3621.6029-0621.42
Rob Bagot28-4928-4921.44
Trevorr Jones29-5329-3229-5829-3220.9229-5320.80
Mark Wildsmith30-0130-0120.58
Richard Durham31-5831-3330-5030-5020.0431-3319.81
Will Scholey30-5530-5519.98
Barry Coope31-1631-1619.76
Mike Honor31-2231-2219.70
Catherine Speakman31-3831-3819.53
Peter Allen31-4231-4219.49
Julia Stagg32-3232-1032-1019.2132-3219.10
Jill Eccleston32-4932-4918.83
Joanne Oakey33-1633-1618.57
Mark Robinson34-1633-2033-2018.5434-1618.28
Richard Parker35-0035-0017.65