Settle Wheelers Time Trials 2019

Bolton-by-Bowland 10.3 mile time trial course (L112)

Start at 7.30pm

Every other Wednesday evenings (confirmed dates):
            24th April, 8th May, 22nd May, 5th June, 19th June, 3rd July, 17th July, 31st July 14th August

                        Please click here for information about entry for these events.

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To see previous years’ results click: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.
There is a table of personal bests over all the Settle Wheelers evening 10s since they started in 2004.

2019’s monsoon season has taken its toll on our time trial season and two events have been washed out by bad weather, bad light and flooding, viz 24th April and 14th August..

On 28th August Richard Greenep’s chain broke about 1 mile from the finish, but he finished the course by pushing with one leg. He had previously caught his minute man.
He was number 13, and when the person pinning on the number offered to put it on upside down, he said “No, I’m not superstitious”.

08 May22 May05 June19 June03 July17 July31 July28 AugustSeason’s
Richard Greenep27-3327-3526-4835-0626-4823.0527-3322.74
Mark Stickland29-0028-5227-4327-3627-4727-4727-3622.3927-4322.34
Mark Wildsmith29-2428-5928-1928-5628-5228-1921.8228-5221.61
Dave Metcalfe28-3228-3221.65
Simon Dowson30-2628-5228-3829-1228-3821.5828-5221.49
Barry Coope31-5630-2329-3629-3620.8730-2320.60
A-H Tandem29-4929-4920.72
Mike Honor31-2030-3731-0230-3130-0731-0630-0720.5230-3120.38
Catherine Speakman31-3030-5830-4431-3130-2830-1430-1420.4430-2820.36
Richard Durham31-2930-5930-3631-0730-3620.1930-5920.07
Malc Sutcliffe31-2531-2519.67
Peter Allen31-4132-3431-4119.5032-3419.23
Joanne Oakey32-5932-1432-1419.1732-5918.95
Mark Wightman32-2132-2119.10
Richard Timms32-5232-5218.80
Chris Hirst33-0033-0018.72
Nigel Beasant33-3433-3418.41
David Carpenter34-1034-1018.08
Trevorr Jones34-3734-3717.85
Mark Robinson34-4934-4917.75
J+J Tandem35-2935-2917.41
James Fielden38-4338-4535-3938-5238-0935-3917.3338-0916.74
Andy Holden38-4038-4015.98