Settle WWW Time Trials 2010

Bolton-by-Bowland 10.3 mile time trial course (L112)

Start at 7.30pm

Alternate Wednesday evenings, confirmed dates:
            19th May 2010, 2nd June 2010, 16th June 2010, 30th June 2010, 14th July 2010, 28th July 2010 and 11th August 2010

Entry on the line


To see previous years’ results click: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.
There is a table of personal bests over all the Settle WWW evening 10s since they started in 2004.
The club 10-mile championship trophy will be awarded to the member with the highest average speed over the season’s best ride and second best ride (i.e. the last column).
19 May02 June16 June30 June14 July28 July11 August Personal
Gareth Whitaker27-3526-5627-0726-5622.9427-0722.86
Sandy Lockett29-2927-5427-5422.1529-2921.53
John Murfin28-2927-5727-5722.1128-2921.90
Tim Labrum29-0028-5828-5821.3329-0021.32
Chris Maudsley29-5929-5331-0329-5320.6829-5920.64
Dean Marshall31-5931-1930-2630-3530-2620.3030-3520.25
Dave Faraday34-3631-3031-3019.6134-3618.69
Stuart Smith33-5032-3532-3518.9633-5018.60
Ed Procter35-1534-5834-1032-5235-3232-5218.8034-1018.43
Richard Morgan33-0433-0418.68
John Crossland33-5533-4033-4018.3533-5518.28
Robert Palmer33-4233-4218.33
Oscar Clements36-2835-3433-5533-5433-5418.2333-5518.22
Jill Eccleston34-0134-0118.16
Dave Clements38-4637-3136-4935-5235-5217.2336-4917.00
Sharon McDonald36-0636-0617.11
Hall Tandem36-5936-5916.71
Team Murfin38-1038-1016.19
Jessica Bagnall38-1138-1116.18
Jane Marshall38-4538-1738-1716.1438-4516.04
Julia Murfin38-2338-2316.10
Bailey Payne38-5638-5615.87
Ted Westwood39-3539-3515.61
Sam Horrocks39-4439-4415.55
Tracy Wilson42-5642-5614.39