Settle WWW Time Trials 2008

Bolton-by-Bowland 10.3 mile time trial course (L112)

Start at 7.30pm

Alternate Wednesday evenings, 28th May, 11th June, 25th June, 9th July, 23rd July, 6th August and 20th August.


To see previous years’ results click: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.
There is a table of personal bests over all the Settle WWW evening 10s since they started in 2004.
There is a collection of pictures at the foot of this page.
Wednesday 28th May was a total wash out. The rain was torrential with poor visibility, and part of the course was flooded. Although 4 riders showed up (Dave and Liz Campbell, Tom Canaway and Rob Bagot), it was reluctantly agreed that the wise decision would be to abandon the event.
Wednesday 9th July was another total wash out. Although 7 riders showed up (Tony Maddocks, Gareth Whitaker, Dean Marshall, John Crossland, Patrick Crossland, Alistair Canaway and Rob Bagot), it was reluctantly agreed that the wise decision would be to abandon the event.
Wednesday 23rd July was a perfect evening, a real floater. Owing to a shortage of helpers, the event had to be run over the full road-race lap. The actual times recorded have been scaled to 10.3 miles. The true times for the lap are show in the grey column.

The riders are ordered according to their personal best ride of the 2008 season.
The club 10-mile championship trophy will be awarded to the rider with the highest average speed over the season’s best ride and second best ride (i.e. the last column).

Note: Team Marshall consists of Dean Marshall and his son Harry riding as a 2-up team

28 May11 June25 June9 July23 July6 August20 August Personal
Tony Maddocks28-43D N S27-5628-4527-5128-1427-5122.1927-5622.15
Ali CanawayD N S27-5928-4827-5827-5822.0927-5922.09
Gareth Whitaker28-09D N S28-0921.95
Bob Fairweather28-1229-0228-3728-1221.9128-3721.75
Rob BagotD N SD N S28-5428-3228-3221.6528-5421.52
Dean Marshall31-57D N S31-5719.34
Robert Palmer42-1933-0032-4432-4418.8733-0018.80
John Helliwell38-4137-3135-2735-2717.4337-3116.93
Patrick CrosslandD N S35-3336-3635-3317.38
Team Marshall38-3138-3116.04
Team Fairweather47-2748-5047-2713.02
Tom CanawayD N S
Dave CampbellD N S
Liz CampbellD N S
John CrosslandD N S

Pictures from the time trial on 20th August.

0153 Rober Palmer starting — 20th Aug 2008 19:37
0154 John Helliwell poised ready to go — 20th Aug 2008 19:38
0155 Rob Bagot starting — 20th Aug 2008 19:39
0156 Ali Canaway starting — 20th Aug 2008 19:40
0157 Tony Maddocks starting — 20th Aug 2008 19:41
0158 The start line — 20th Aug 2008 19:42
0159 The finish line — 20th Aug 2008 20:02