Settle WWW Time Trials 2007

Bolton-by-Bowland 10.3 mile time trial course (L112)

Start at 7.30pm

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Ordered by personal best.
First speed shown is speed of personal best.
Second speed shown is average of best and second best rides.
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27 June11 July25 July8 August22 August05 September Personal
Gareth Whitaker28-1327-3728-3027-3722.3728-1322.13
Tony Maddocks29-2329-0228-2928-1828-1821.8328-2921.76
Bob Fairweather29-0329-1429-0321.2729-1421.20
Tom Rodgers30-3229-3830-0930-0929-3820.8530-0920.67
Chris Hirst29-4829-4820.73
Dean Marshall33-1131-5032-0531-5019.4132-0519.33
John Crossland34-1333-0132-1532-5232-1519.1632-5218.98
Patrick Crossland35-3333-3733-3718.3835-3317.86
Robert Palmer34-3734-3717.85
Dave Campbell34-4834-4817.75
Dave Clements36-4335-5135-1335-1317.5435-5117.39
Liz Campbell38-1536-1336-5536-1317.0636-5516.90
Robin Askew36-1336-1317.06
John Helliwell39-4937-4637-4616.3639-4915.93
Team Hall52-3352-3311.76

Handicap competition for Settle WWW event 5thSeptember 2007

Handicapper: David Holdsworth

The handicaps were based on the average speed over the best and second-best rides. People who had only ridden once were assumed to be capable of riding 1mph faster that their one ride. This was to stop last year’s “Chris Hirst” effect, where a single ride can set an artifically low mark.

My original idea was that only those members who had ridden at least one evening 10 were qualified for the handicap competition. Consequently, anyone who had not ridden at all this year was entitled to ride, but not to be considered for the handicap competition, or to ride off scratch.

However, this seems a bit hard on Dave Campbell who has been out of action all year owing to a bad back, so follow the red star to see what has been decided after the event.

    H'cap Time H'cap
  Dave Clements 8.35 35.13 26.38
  Liz Campbell 9.32 36.55 27.23
  Patrick Crossland 5.52 33.37 27.45
  John Crossland 4.56 32.52 27.56
  Tom Rodgers 2.11 30.09 27.58
* Dave Campbell 6.30 34.48 28.18
  Gareth Whitaker 0.12 28.30 28.18
  Bob Fairweather 0.00 29.14 29.14
Other handicaps were assigned
to riders who did not compete.
Robin Askew6.27 
John Helliwell11.06 
Chris Hirst0.41 
Tony Maddocks0.41 
Dean Marshall4.15 
Robert Palmer5.01 

* After the event, I’ve looked at last year’s handicapping, when the handicapper was not as generous as this year. Last year Dave Campbell’s handicap was 2-18 less than Liz’s, which would put him on 7-14, but people who had only ridden once were treated more meanly that those who had ridden at least twice. So, I guess that that a fair handicap for Dave is 6½ minutes in round figures.

All handicapping is really guesswork.