Settle WWW Time Trials 2005

A full lap of the Bolton-by-Bowland road race circuit.

Distance 10.6 miles. The times have been scaled to the official course distance of 10.3 miles. The actual time for 10.6 miles is shown in the grey box alongside.

Ordered by personal best.
First speed shown is speed of personal best.
Second speed shown is average of best and second best rides.

16 riders
18 May01 June15 June29 June13 July27 July10 August24 August Personal
Bob Fairweather29-3030-2228-3929-3027-3828-2727-3822.3628-3921.96
Gareth Whitaker29-2230-1429-0729-5827-4828-3727-5028-3927-4728-3627-4428-3327-4422.2827-4722.26
Rob Bagot27-4428-3327-4422.28
Ben Lonsdale29-0529-5628-4029-3128-4021.5529-0521.40
Alex Pilkington30-1431-0730-4331-3730-1420.4430-4320.27
Robert Groves30-4531-3930-4520.09
Alastair Scholey31-1732-1230-5731-5230-5719.9631-1719.86
Bill Hall34-0235-0235-1536-1731-4732-4332-3833-3631-0632-0131-5632-5231-0619.8731-4719.65
Patrick Crossland33-1034-0832-1333-1031-4832-4431-4819.4332-1319.30
Jill Eccleston34-4035-4132-4733-4532-3733-3533-0234-0033-4334-4232-3718.9432-4718.89
Kevin Byrne32-3733-3532-3718.94
Dave Campbell34-1835-1837-5839-0535-0236-0433-5534-5533-4234-4133-4218.3333-5518.27
Sue Walker38-5440-0340-0241-1236-0437-0834-2235-2334-2735-2834-2217.9834-2717.96
Liz Campbell36-3337-3738-1139-1835-5136-5435-2136-2336-1437-1835-2117.4835-5117.35
John Helliwell38-4239-5038-3039-3836-5437-5935-5636-5935-4936-5236-1137-1535-4917.2535-5617.22
Becky Hall40-3941-5140-3915.20

Handicap competition

All personal bests except Becky are on the four events 29 June to 10 August.
Gareth rode all but the last one, and put in almost the same time.
The 10 August event I estimate to be 30 sec slower based on the times of Alex, Bill and Liz.
Also John H's improvement that night was much less than his previous improvements.
I've basically worked to the nearest 10 seconds, with the odd 5 seconds where I was indecisive.
Also, I have knocked off 5 seconds where there is only one ride, as a first attempt at the course rarely gives a good personal best.
Robert Groves is a guess.

Hope that you like it.

Results from 24th August
1Patrick Crossland5-1032-4427-34
2Bob Fairweather0-5028-2727-37
3Alastair Scholey4-0531-5227-47
4Ben Lonsdale1-1529-3128-16
5Dave Campbell6-2034-4128-21
6Gareth Whitakerscr28-3328-33
7John Helliwell7-5037-1529-25
8Jill Eccleston5-0034-4229-42
9Robert Groves0-5031-3930-49

The handicaps as originally allocated
Rob Bagotscr
Gareth Whitakerscr
Bob Fairweather0-50
Ben Lonsdale1-15
Alex Pilkington2-30
Bill Hall3-30
Alastair Scholey4-05
Patrick Crossland5-10
Kevin Byrne4-55
Jill Eccleston5-00
Dave Campbell6-20
Sue Walker6-50
Liz Campbell7-50
John Helliwell7-50
Becky Hall11-25
Robert Groves0-50